Ideal Candidates
• Ranch Operations / Dairy
• Central Valley Resident
• Nut Processors
• Wineries
• Cold Storage Facilities
• Warehouses
• South Facing Roofs
• High Volume electricity consumers

Benefits of Solar
   Solar system installations are investments. To help fincance solar system installations, utility companies are offering rebates and the U.S. Government is offering 30% tax credit or a cash grant for installing PV solar systems. By combining the savings of rebates and tax incentives, average systems have a 7-12% return on investment.

   Converting to solar energy, you are also creating less carbon emissions which provides cleaner air, water, and soil for those around you. Once the systems are installed, the environment benefits last for decades.

Our Process
• We visit your location, perform a site survey, and analyze your annual electrical consumption.

• We provide you with a proposal, including performance calculations detailing your cost and savings.

• Upon approval, we enter the design process, working directly with the local utility companies and building departments to coordinate logistics.

• We obtain permits, install the panels, and ensure you receive the promised rebates.